you came here because life is good.

“Life is so good you want someone to photograph it, to memorialize it for the rest of time so you can always remember how good it was.  But your good life is not just you and your best friends smiling your camera smiles in some stock pose. The wedding photographer we hired from Selah, Jackie, gets well beyond that stuff and manages to capture some essence of what’s important, unique, and timeless in the situation.”  –Matt, New York, New York


They told the exact story of how everyone felt that day

“Not a glossy, posed version of the truth, but how it actually went. It was imperfect and loud and colorful and emotion and real …and they captured it all.”-Melissa married in St Thomas

emotional wedding photojournalism

This unique style of wedding photojournalism makes meaningful artwork.

“As one of Colorado’s leading destination wedding photographers, Jackie Zoeller of Selah Photography is delightfully creative in everything she does. With a brilliant blend of artistic photojournalism and fine-art imagery, Jackie is a big believer in letting your special day unfold naturally so she can capture all of the authentic moments that make your wedding so unique. Bringing immense talent and extensive experience to every wedding she shoots, her ability to tell a love story through pictures truly makes an impact that goes beyond words. Despite shifting trends, Jackie’s images are always timeless and heart-felt and perfect for those who appreciate the art of wedding photography.” -from Junebug Weddings


“Capturing happiness. That’s what we thought when we saw the work of Selah.” -Wedtog

We believe your wedding day is one of the best life has to offer and we want your wedding photojournalism to remember every meaningful piece of it. We offer naturally directed and unposed wedding photos for couples who want to remember more than what everyone looked like smiling at the camera.

artistic expensive denver wedding photographer

a unique denver wedding photojournalist

Jackie, she’s Selah’s lead photographer. She has nearly a decade of visual storytelling experience, 20 years of art classes, a degree in psychology and photography – and more importantly, is fascinated with the pureness of a person. She’s passionate about deep, moving documentary photography blended with bold artistic portraiture and fine art imagery. She has and will travel worldwide for the sake of a story to document.

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